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There is a common notion that anyone who has ever contemplated a career in acting knows that there is a long road ahead with a rough path but in this era where TV shows are increasing by the day it has become comparatively easier to get a break in the industry. Nowadays, we see that there is no specific age criteria required since actors of all ages are working successfully in this industry; be it children or senior citizens. If you’re passionate, dedicated, willing to work on your craft and thinking about striking out on your own, we are exactly what you are looking for.

As you would be new in this field, you’ll want to start building relationships with people in the industry as soon as possible. Enrol with us on this stage as an extra casting agency. It may not be glamorous but it requires experience and it’s a great way to remind yourself that the people in this industry are just human beings; not superheroes.

Register yourself with us to stand out from the crowd.