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Gujarati film Subsidy Consultant

Theater list

Do you know why do viewers prefer to watch movie in theaters? what are the extra benefits of watching movie in theater and not at home. That gives the feel of movie and viewers lost in the movies not only with sound effect and super big screen but munching during the movie makes them more of enjoyable.


Theaters are the key and the basic need of the every movie to watch. If theaters wouldn’t exist where viewers will go for the entertainment. We will help you to release your movies in all targeted theaters. As you will find multiplexes in every developed and undeveloped area of the city. Now you have to decide which theater to target and release your movie.

We will help you to tie with the know theaters of the every cities. Where you can find your targeted audience to come and watch your story, you don’t have run and rush here and there. We can even suggest you which movie to realize in which area because it is not necessary to release in those area where you won’t get the business.

Even theaters can register their name also to reach to the producers and directors directly to tie up for the business. For more detail contact us of or register your name for more visibility.

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