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Social media marketing

Now a day’s movies are having more presence on online world when it comes to advertisement. Generation is shifting online from offline. Technology has upgraded it need more presence of online then offline. One might not have time to watch promotions offline ex: TV but promotions through Social Media Marketing ex: face book, instagram and other sources has surely take place in marketing world.

We are very well used to with the Social Media Marketing for the promotions of the movies. We know which are the tactics and strategies to promote movies online. We know very well the value of movie to realize how one’s career and future is connected with movie. It is not an easy task to release the movie. Maximum people should know when the movie releasing date is and what the movie is about ( the story line can say). Through online promotion we aware maximum viewers about the movie actor, actresses and what is movie about thrill, comedy, suspense or romantic. We create and target audience on movie base to reach to maximum viewers. 

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