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Screen Play

Every film project begins with the screenplay. The screen play it the 1st step of making the film. The screenplay is key to the entire process. If you truly know and understand the details of what it is, how it works and why it is so important, then you can we screen play writer so easily.

It is the blueprint that everyone working on the film refers to when they are fulfilling their part of the process. Usually everyone working on the film has a copy and they refer to it throughout the making of the project. If you are good at your work you might know there are three important steps for screen play. Like a standard script, a spec script, an adapted script. Because the screenplay is the guide for the Producers, Director, Actors, Crew of

exactly what will appear on screen.  It is the common ground that everybody on the film will work with from start to finish of production.

It tells the complete story, contains all action in the film and all dialogue for each character. It can also describe characters visually so filmmakers can try to capture their style, look or vibe. Being screen play job it is very interesting as each and every steps are taken under the guidance of screen play only.

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