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Assistant Director

Assistant director main duties are to assisting the Director, coordinating all production activity, and supervising the cast and crew.  Overall, assistant director provide the key link between the Director, cast and crew, whilst also liaising with the production office, and providing regular progress reports about the shoot. And these all can be practice only when you are working with director just not reading in books or on internet you can’t get experience. 

If you have completed your studies or want to practice as in assistant director for preparing the storyboard, overseeing the hiring of locations, props and equipment and checking weather reports. These are all key duties for assistance.

And you think you can be an authoritative team-leader and motivator, be an approachable team, who have organizational and time-management skills to plan ahead even if trouble-shoot are coming, and have excellent communication skills, you know priorities tasks and multi-task talent, can work long and often unsocial hours and the most important flexible then you are in right direction of your carrier as in assistant director.

You have everything what a director will be looking for we are here to provide them and you a better option so connect with us register yourself to be a successful assistant director.